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Javohir Grand Biznes, ChP
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Javohir grand biznes private enterprise there began activity 2012. Initial production of our firm "Heater from Superthin Basalt Fibre Revetted with a Foil". At that moment in the markets of Uzbekistan there was no material of such look. Such look import production was imported into Uzbekistan for large currency sums from foreign countries. Our production not only replaced import production, but also much more advanced in parameters of density, incombustibility and heat conductivity, and also was environmentally friendly. On appearance it was compared and often confused white cotton.
It is known that there is a big competition though in Uzbekistan it is not enough producers of a minvata on the basis of basalt fiber. And also on the market arrives minvata on the basis of fiber glass which at the price is cheaper (at the expense of the low density and harm). Despite these obstacles, without interrupting and supporting national producers to us it was succeeded to enter construction of large projects.
The main consumers are the largest industrial enterprises of NHK of Uzbekneftigaz, DAK of Uzkhimprom and other branches of a national economy.
Since 2015 we installed new the equipment acquired from Russia and began to make "Proshivny mats" a net facing and a facing fiber glass fabric. Using advanced technologies we began to let out rigid and semifixed plates, shells, cubes and mats vegetative for agrarian sector.
Our slogan: To be always one step away in pered!!!



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