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/ Basalt superthin fiber (BSTV) and production on its basis

Raw materials for receiving basalt superthin fiber (BSTV).
Still relatively recently only the narrow circle of experts knew of the materials received on the basis of basalt fiber and about the most basalt fiber, material, unique on the zvuko-and heat-insulating characteristics. The military industrial complex, in particular, sudo-and aircraft industry was the main consumer of these materials.

 Thanks to the innovative developments which are widely applied on production it was succeeded to receive and adjust serial production which considerably surpasses the analogs which are available in the market in the technical parameters.

Possessing unique properties, materials from BSTV find more and more broad application in various areas. In quality zvuko-and heat-insulating material it is applied in construction of industrial and residential buildings, to thermal insulation of heating mains and pipelines, as the heat-insulating material.

Thanks to the fact that raw materials for receiving basalt fiber are natural materials - rocks of a volcanic origin - and by production of products on its basis are not used chemical binding, this material is environmentally friendly and does not break natural natural balance. It is possible to give the following example as an example of naturalness of this material - already more than a quarter of the century basalt cotton wool in many countries of the world is used as the artificial soil.

If to compare among themselves mats and canvases from BSTV to the glass wool or slag wool of domestic or import production which are widely presented at the market, then comparison will be not in favor of the last. These materials have essential shortcomings, in particular, by their production various chemical binding widely are used. If their concentration in air exceeds maximum concentration limit, they pose potential threat for human health. At the same time basalt superthin fibers have high elasticity and length of fibers that provides their strong interlacing and natural coupling without use of pitches, as binding.

The main characteristic of heat-insulating materials is their heat conductivity. An ideal heat insulator is air. And ability of a layer of superthin basalt fibers at the expense of the low density open for porosity and absence binding it is good to be saturated with air and to hold it in volume of a product does products of BSTV by more attractive heat-insulating material in comparison with glass wool and slag wool. The dense structure of these materials caused by short fibers and existence of binding interferes with saturation by air of a layer of material and to its subsequent deduction by a heat insulator.

Various brands and products from BSTV reckon heat conductivity within 0,033 - 0,038 W / mk (at a temperature of 25 °C) whereas the similar indicator for mineral wools and slag wool makes about 0,044 W / mk.

If to carry out the comparative analysis on heat-insulating properties for the materials applied in construction, then at an external temperature of -38 °C basalt superthin fiber appears the most effective insulating material. The bricklaying under such circumstances is required 770 mm thick, the layer of a gas concrete has to be not less than 210 mm, glass wool - 90 mm, and the material layer on the basis of BSTV makes only 35 mm!

Also dragged application of basalt as the heat-insulating materials promotes economy of a significant amount of fuel. To 1 (one) ton of conditional fuel a year it is possible to save, using as heat-insulating material BSTV of one square meter.

Temperature of receiving basalt superthin fiber is equal to temperature of the throwing-up volcano and makes 1450 - 1550 °C. It allows to apply products from BSTV (mats, plates, canvases, etc.) as fireproof materials. They do not ignite at high temperatures but only melt, without emitting at the same time harmful gases, constraining distribution of a flame and increasing thereby time necessary for evacuation of people at the fire.

Range of temperatures at which products from BSTV are applied is rather wide - from -270 °C to +900 °C. Fireproof products from these materials work at temperatures up to 1100-1200 °C.

Similar fireproof materials from shlako-and the glass wool containing phenol formaldehyde binding at the fire begin to allocate a caustic smoke with a pungent smell at even rather low temperatures. It is connected with burning out chemical binding and the subsequent release of toxic gases.

Also besides temperature firmness, basalt superthin fibers possess also high chemical resistance.

In conclusion it is possible to tell that use of materials on the basis of BSTV having unique properties as heat-insulating coverings and facings allows to solve most effectively problems of energy saving in various areas - in the industry, mechanical engineering and housing. Materials from BSTV provide reliable zvuko-and thermal insulation, fire safety, do not cause damage to environment. They are eco-friendly and durable - settlement service life, under appropriate storage conditions, installation and operation makes not less than 50 years that considerably surpasses the available analogs among the traditional isolating materials.

One of advantages, attractive to consumers, is the competitive price of finished products caused by rather low cost of production of materials from basalt superthin fibers. In combination with energy saving properties it does BSTV by the unique heat-insulating material in the period of a continuous increase in prices for energy carriers.

Comparative characteristics planned to production and other types of fibrous thermal insulation presented on рынке:ПараметрыШлаковатаСтекловатаМинватаБТВБСТВ
Extreme temperature of application, Sdo 250-60 - +450do 180-700-259 - +700-259 - +900
Average About fibers, мкм4-124-124-125-151-3
Sorbts. uvlazhn. in the 24th hour, %1,91,70,0950,0350,02
Need primeneniyasvyazuyushchegodadadadant
Koeffitsiyentteploprovodnosti, Вт/м-К0,46-0,480,038-0,0460,044-0,0460.038-0,0460.034-0,036
Existence binding, %2,5-102,5-102,5-102,5-10-
Class goryuchesting-not goryucheeng-not goryucheeng-not goryucheeng-not goryucheeng-not fuel
Allocation of harmful veshchestvdadadanetnt
Thermal capacity, J/kg" K100010501050500-800800-1000
Compressibility, %nt dannykhnt dannykh404031,2
Elasticity, %nt dannykhnt dannykh607075,5
Temperature of agglomeration, C250-300450-500600700-9001100-1200
Length of fibers, мм1615-401620-5050-90
Koeff. звукопоглощения0,75-0,820,8-920,75-950,8-950,95-96
Chemical stability
loss of weight): in water, °/o7.86,24,51.81,5
- in alkaline srede766,43.02,75
- in acid srede68,738,9242,52.2
Water absorption in the 24th hour, %201,71,50,950,02

Let's shortly list below scopes of products from BSTV and the perspective directions in military industrial complex, space, a car - and shipbuilding, on railway transport and in engineering networks, in civil and industrial engineering, in electrical equipment and communication, in metallurgy and many other areas:
overalls for various service conditions - fireproof, chemically resistant, for special climatic zones;
special containers for a sbereganiye and burial of toxic and radioactive waste;
filters for purification of air, the case of filters of a dymoochistka, system of ventilation and conditioning;
the cable, telephone sewerage protected from electromagnetic fields and reading of information by inductive methods;
special construction materials and chemical and heat-resistant materials for protection of people and the equipment, fire-prevention isolation of partitions, decks;
reinforcing of designs of bridges, tunnels, concrete and asphalt coverings of roads, runways, the basalt reinforcing grid, isolation of joints of panels, the directed and disperse reinforcing of concrete;
warm and sound insulation of pipelines, cases of turbines and furnaces, residential and industrial buildings and constructions;
highly effective consolidations and laying for pipelines, sewer constructions;
case details of vessels, planes, cars, spacecrafts and many other things …


technologies Javohir Grand Biznes, ChP Uzbekistan, ALL.BIZ: Uzbekistan