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Penthouse - a garret which facade, in whole or in part, is formed by a roof design. For the maximum ergonomics, the line of crossing of a roof and a facade has to be not below 1:5¼ from half of the mansard room.

Considering laws of thermal insulation, it is necessary to take care of warming of a penthouse. It is necessary to do it most qualitatively, with use of modern materials which provide thermal insulation, a pozhabezopasnost, environmental friendliness, a noise isolation and durability.

The most convenient and suitable material corresponding to all listed criteria - basalt cotton wool.

This heater possesses excellent vapor permeability that provides a healthy microclimate. At the same time the correct installation of vapor barrier and a vetrozashchita is of great importance, maintaining all necessary ventilating gaps.

Warming of a penthouse of 100 mm a layer of basalt cotton wool will create necessary energy efficiency of the room, thanks to a low indicator of coefficient of heat conductivity. Practically at all producers of stone cotton wool it is in limits of 0.036-0.048 W / (��C m). Value it significantly depends on humidity of a heater.

Except, directly thermal insulation and energy saving, warming of a penthouse prevents mass formation of icicles on roof slopes as roofing material does not heat up from below, and there is no plentiful thawing of snow cover. Thereby the risk of mechanical damage of the objects located below, is excluded by the falling icicles.

Kamennovata do not burn (collapse only at a temperature about 1100 �C) and, thanks to the heat-insulating properties, significantly interfere with spread of fire. There are no harmful allocations that is important from the point of view of environmental friendliness.

The roofing "pie" having fibrous structure provides reliable acoustic isolation. Noise of a rain will not disturb inhabitants of the mansard room as however, and other noise.

Volcanic origin of raw materials for production of stone cotton wool and a way of formation of fibers, guarantee durability of a heater. Emergence of a mold or fungus is excluded, there is no shrinkage which can bring to krazryva of roofing pie and formation of "cold bridges".

Set of advantages of a kamennovatny heater allows to consider such way of thermal insulation of a penthouse the most acceptable, of course at high-quality installation of roofing pie.

We for vapor-permeable warming and the healthy atmosphere in the building

Kind:Basalt wool
Information is up-to-date: 19.10.2021

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